Nashoba BNI, Boxboro, MA

BNI Nashoba passed over a million dollars in business between its 36 members in the fiscal year just ended. Join us and share in our profits!



Appliance Repair

Graphic Designer

Hair Dresser

Marketing Consultant

Business Banking

Bankruptcy Attorney


Flooring Installer

Carpet Cleaner

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What is Nashoba BNI?

Nashoba BNI is a business networking organization consisting of local businesses who want to grow. Each week we meet and learn more about each other's businesses. During the week we look for referral opportunities for our BNI associates.

What is a "referral"? Is it different than a "lead"?

A BNI referral meets three qualifications: the person/business  you are being referred to has a need for your product or service; they have a reasonable expectation of paying for your product or service; and they are ready and willing to take your call.

Is there more to BNI than just passing referrals?

Yes! We have a wide variety of business people in our group with varying backgrounds and expertise in many diverse areas. We learn from each other's shared experiences and provide direct help on a mutual basis.  We all benefit by helping each other to grow. 

What's different about BNI compared to other networking groups?

BNI does not allow competition within the group between members. If you join us, you are entitled to all referrals that fall within the scope of your BNI "Seat".

In addition, we meet only to network in a structured meeting setting. We have no social or other goals (although we are very sociable and we do have fun at our meetings).

Is BNI for me?

Attending a meeting is the only way to find out! We encourage you to contact us (see below) and arrange to visit. There is no cost associated with visiting. After visiting, you can decide if BNI can help you to grow your business.


President: Deb Kotlarz

Vice President: Charlie Nikopoulos

Sec./Treasurer: Chari Goodman

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